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Skin Scrubber
Skin Scrubber

Skin Scrubber

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Skin health is hugely important in a time when technology has progressed to the point where simple cleansing and moisturizing habits, with the right products, can leave skin feeling smoother, looking brighter, and appearing younger than ever before.

The Skin Scrubber uses Vibrations which loosens dead skin cells helping them shed faster, leaving behind a healthy glow. if you are also one with sensitive skin, and Ultrasonic Skin Spatula is a wonderful alternative to skin-cleansing brushes and personal microaggression tools.

This skin cleaning scraper makes your skin smooth and clean. Skin Scrubber has 3 working modes: cleansing, moisturizing, and lifting, it helps deep clean your face, remove the dirt and oils in the pore, and helps the skin become delicate and smooth and rejuvenate your skin. Since the scrubber gently exfoliates, it fits all skin types no matter you are dry, oil, or sensitive skin.

Cleansing Mode is used for cleansing, extraction, and exfoliation. Ultrasonic ion vibration longitudinal can easily remove makeup, deeply clean face.

Moisturizing Mode is where you can use essentials, serum, or other skincare products along with the device. The skin scrubber will promote the absorption of such skincare products.  

Lifting Mode uses the fine vibration of ultrasonic ions to transmit to the skin for effectively massaging and lifting the skin and making the skin more moisture, smooth and elastic.

Highly recommend using this facial skin scrubber after the shower or after steaming your face to open the pores, wrinkles. Works better together with skin care products such as deep cleansing oil, cleaning foam, toner, essential oil, essence cream, etc. Avail one now and show off your natural glow!


  • Deep Cleansing Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber - With ultrasound nanotechnology, the facial scrubber can produce vibration 24000 times per second to quickly deeply remove blackhead acne dead skin oil, and makeup dirt, and moisturize to the base of your skin with each wash.

  • Moisturizing & Absorption for Nutrient - Penetrates toner/serum deep into the cuticle layer, optimizing moisturizing effects to achieve elastic skin, less wrinkle, tightened pore, and improved skin metabolism. Works better together with skincare products such as deep cleansing oil, cleaning foam, toner, essential oil, essence cream, etc.

  • Lifting and Lightening Skin - The skin spatula keeps the skin warm to achieve a wrinkle-reducing effect. also, it can promote blood circulation and lymphatic metabolism so as to make your skin firm, smooth and delicate.

  • Safe Use & Easy Carry - The facial spatula is made of 100% medical stainless steel for all HEALTHY skin and types. 3 Functional Modes to cleansing, moisturizing, and lifting skin for very easy use. Also, the skin scrubber ultrasonic has a built-in timer and will be in standby time after 10 minutes and then automatically turn off after 1 minute if not used.

  • Warm Tips - This Skin Scrubber is not waterproof. Please don't wash it underwater. Please wipe the water after use or clean the shovel head.


  • Charging Mode : Rechargeable (lithium battery)
  • Net Weight : About 99g
  • Power : 2W
  • Size :173*55*15.5(mm)

Package Includes:

  • 1X Skin Scrubber
  • 1 X USB Power Charging Wire
  • 1 X English user manual